The products of enterprise are made from high-quality and safe raw material(all raw material which is used in the production of goods is accepted in accordance with a p.1 item 5 and indirectly is an item of item 10, 20 Law of Ukraine from 23.12.97), on the own compounding ratified in accordance with a current legislation by sanitary norms and rules. It allows to provide achievement of positions of the leader on domestic and the foreign markets.


All production ТМ "Mak-daK" passes annual certification (is confirmed by high-quality certifications and hygienical conclusions). A production equipment annually passes an inspection for establishment of accordance of the actual state of production the requirements of document, for confirmation of possibility of enterprise to produce products in accordance with the requirements of operating normative documents.


ТМ "Mak-daK" considers at formation of a policy of quality: production according to conditions of laws in force and legislation according to state and foreign standards, attentive procaking of world development of technologies, applying the modern technics in manufacture, providing satisfaction of clients, action with concept of that, what to reach qualities of production it is possible only by training, participation and motivations of employees, always to remain one of leaders in manufacture of confectionery products in home market of the state and to try to be the appreciable leader in the foreign market.


The accredited food laboratory watches after the quality of products. It conducts strict continuous physical and chemical, microbiological control of raw material and prepared products, and similarly terms of leadthrough of technical processes. Employees of laboratory jointly with the leading specialists of enterprise for permission of active tasks on a management and quality guarantee:

  • develop the base methods of determination of physical and chemical indexes of raw material, ready-to-cook foods and pastry wares taking into account the requirements of standards of Ukraine and conformable international methods;
  • conduct tests with the purpose of establishment of requirements to quality of raw material and half-finished foods;

develop and inculcate the programmatic and vehicle providing for creation of base of these results of physical and chemical analyses in an order to provide the permanent monitoring of descriptions of raw material, prepared products and terms of leadthrough of technological processe.