TM 'Mak-daK "is a Ukrainian manufacturer of food products.
At present, our products are present in all regions of Ukraine, and we are exporting our products to USA, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Moldova and Turkmenistan.
Due to the increasing demand for products of TM "Mak-daK" in Ukraine and abroad, we have increased production volumes, which allows us to expand our dealer network. So today our goal is to find partners and distributors in the regions of Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Asia.
We are open for cooperation and we look forward to any mutually beneficial partnership.
For foreign partners, we offer the following products of TM "Mak-daK":
1. Extrusion:
1.1. Corn sticks - the life of 3 months.
1.2. Cereal pads, rolls - the life of 3 months.
2. Confectionery products:
2.1. Cookies - the life of 2 months.
2.2. Drying - the life of 45 days.
2.3. Waffles - the life of 3 months.
3. Zephyr:
3.1. Zephyr on agar - the life of 2mes.
3.2. Zephyr on the agar in the glaze - the life of 4 months.
4. Marmalade - the life of 3 months.

1. For partners in Ukraine - the sales department.
2. For partners overseas - export department.