About company

TM «Mak-daK» is one of leaders on the market of food products in the east of Ukraine. The primary intent of enterprise is saturation by high-quality food stuffs on the market in Ukraine.

TM «Mak-daK» produces about 60 names of products now which are produced on the modern hi-tech equipment from high-quality raw material.

The structure of enterprise consists of three departments:

  • extrusion;
  • confectionery


We obtained enormous successes in times of existence. Due to wide assortment and reasonable connection of traditional recipes with modern compounding, ТМ "Mak-daK" for a long time has deserved trust and gratitude both the Ukrainian consumers, and foreign. The secret of our success is simple and we do not hide it from anybody.

We take the best raw material, start unique technology of production, based on the traditional culture of feed and modern developments, - and farther our production enters into business. As result, then a high-quality product turns out, which already had to appreciate by users. Sure forward movement has allowed to company of "Mak- daK" to achieve considerable successes and to become one of leaders in the field of release of a foodstuff in Ukraine. There is a serious work of people behind all these achievements: providing of stable high quality of producible products, the maximum satisfaction of requirements of users, responsibility for achievement of result.