The extruded bran differs balanced of composition, posses good consumer properties and have a high enough food and biological value.

These products are high-fiber are needed above all things to our intensine. Food fibres are not overcooked, but used an intensine, as an adsorbent. Besides it, a cellulose plays an important role in other processes-reduces the level of cholesterol in blood by fastening of intestinal bilious acids, having, as is generally known, certain carcinogenic activity.

Bran contains a complex necessary the man of vitamins of group B, including B1, B2, B6,PP et al. Discovered also provitamin A (carotin) and vitamin of E. Bran is rich in mineral matters. Among them is potassium, magnesium, chrome, zinc, copper, selenium, and other oligoelements.

Vitamins are contained in bran stabilize the activity of the central nervuos system, promote working capacity increase, warm the person against disease by a gout. Mineral substances normalize functions of hormones of a hypophysis (ZN),strengthen a cardiac muscle (K) and nervous system (Mg),promote deducing from an organism of radionuklids (Se).

Bran is recommended to all as a prophylactic and health mean, necessary for valuable work of intestine, decline of level of cholesterol in blood, cleanings of digestive highway from slags and toxins.

It's use in food represses an appetite and reduces weight, the general improves feels, raises resistibility of organism to illnesses.